Who We Are

NepaliOnlinePasal.com, an online marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to satisfy each others needs for the consumption and promotion of Nepalese products.

Our Mission

To let the whole world know how beautiful and unique Nepal and Nepalese products are.

To ensure that the buyers are able to order these products and sellers are able to sell from the comfort of their home.

How it works

NepaliOnlinePasal.com works in a similar manner as any other marketplace where seller and buyer meet to trade with each other. What makes our site unique is the vast range of items available to satisfy your taste for Nepalese products. 

We are working round the clock to ensure your online experience goes without a glitch, for both buyer and seller.

Who can sell with us

Do you run Nepalese store in UK?

If yes, what are you waiting for? Register today and start selling your products online to expand your business.

Are you an individual seller?

You can sell the collection of your products via our marketplace. Register today and start selling your products online.

International Seller

Can you deliver Nepalese products internationally?

We highly motivate sellers from Nepal and we also welcome all other international sellers. So, join us to be part of our mission.

Why are we here

As a buyer, it is not always possible to find a store near you where Nepalese products are readily available. As a seller, it is difficult to find your target audience for Nepalese products on other online marketplaces. These sites may not prioritise authentic Nepalese products and it may not come up on the top of your search platform. 

This is why NepaliOnlinePasal.com offers a platform that is exclusively for Nepalese products. Buyers and sellers can connect through our online marketplace to consume and promote your Nepalese products. 

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