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Payment Setting

Sellers can set up the payment method for their store to receive the money for selling their items. There are three options available such as PayPal, Bank Transfer and Stripe Connect.

If you use PayPal then you require to enter the correct email address as below:

If you use bank transfer the you require to enter the correct bank account details as below:

If you would like to use Stripe Connect then click the button “Connect with Strip”:

Please click on update settings once you choose and enter all the relevant info in the respective section.

Stripe Connect

Sellers opting Stripe Connect will be required to open an account with Stripe. Once clicking on the Connect with Stripe button it will take you to the page where you will need to fill up the form to activate your account. You will need following details to complete the form:

  • Country you are based (you can choose from the dropdown box)
  • Business website. No website yet then you can share your social media profile.
  • Business description
  • Type of business (you can choose from the dropdown box)
  • Registered business address & contact number
  • In case of individual seller: Legal name (full name), contact number, Date of birth and home address

Credit card statement details:

  • Statement descriptor (the name for your business that your customers will recognize).
  • Support phone number
  • Bank details such as Bank account currency, sort code & account number
  • Direct debit instruction to authorise debits
  • Two-step authentication is required, you will get an option as Get Text Message or Use an authenticator app.
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Please check the details entered are all correct then click on “Authorise access to this account”.
  • You will be taken back to Nepalionlinepasal.com Limited (nepalionlinepasal.com) right away.

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