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Upload Product

You registered yourself as a vendor now you can start uploading your product onto your platform.You can use your smartphone or digital camera to take pictures of your product. Please remember that the image appearing on our website should be true likeness of the product you are selling.  

  • Log in to your vendor account using ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ that you registered with.
  • Once you are logged in you will see seller’s dashboard which look like:
  • Click ‘Products’ tab; which is below the highlighted ‘Dashboard’ tab
  • Click  ‘Add new product’ button which you will see on the top right hand side of the screen. Do not worry about other buttons such as filter and search for the moment
  • Once you have clicked ‘Add new product’ you should see seperate box open up similar to the image below::
  • Description of each item on the image:

‘Upload a product cover image’:Click on this space to upload a picture of your product. This image will be the cover image, which customers will see as your product on the website, so please select the image which gives the clear and identifiable view of your product. If you need to upload further images of your product which gives sideways views then please click on the ‘+’ icon. 

‘Product name’: Name of the product you are uploading. Hint: when giving the product made try choosing the name which can easily be searched. 

‘Price’: Price of the product you will be selling. Please remember that this is the price the customer will be paying but not the money you will receive as your receipt will be net of our commission. Hence, it is your responsibility to determine the best price. 

‘Discounted Price schedule’: Please enter the discounted price you are offering on this product. 

‘Select a category’: There are various predetermined product categories already listed from the dropdown menu.  Please select the best category that  your product fits into. If you can’t find any then select the uncategorized, but if select this then your product might not be easily searchable by the customer. 

‘Select product tags’: Here you can type the tag to your product. These tags help customers to search the product by using common phrases, so it is advisable to tag your product with commonly used phrases that best describe your product. 

In the last box asking for a short description, you can describe your product using short sentences. These statements should accurately and truly describe your product, any false statement will be in violation of your agreed terms and conditions. 

  •  Once you are satisfied that you have fully filled out all the boxes then you can click ‘CREATE PRODUCT’ to upload and activate your product. 
  • If you want to add more products then click ‘CREATE & ADD NEW’ and follow the same instructions as described above.
  • Once you have uploaded your product it should listed on your product dashboard as seen in image below:
  • If you have uploaded various products you will be able to filter these by ‘date of upload’ or ‘category’ allocated. You can also search your product using the search option on your dashboard. 

Once you  are done uploading it is vital,  you allocate the shipping option, Return and Warranty option for your product and continually update the stock availability. Please follow our ‘Edit Product’ guide to help you with these. 

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