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Set up Store

  • Once you have registered from website, you will receive an email notification 
  • Please go to your email 
  • Click on the text “To Verify you Email Click Here” 
  • This will take you to the Store setup Wizard 
  • Click on “Let’s Go!” button or you can skip by clicking on “Not right now” and set up from Seller Dashboard
  • Enter the store set up details   
  • Click on ‘setting’ on the left hand side menu to update store, payment, shipping details
  • Enter the Payment Setting or you can set up from Dashboard>Setting>Payment  (Please note in order to get the receive your money automatically you must have Stripe account and must connect with us) 
  • Click on Continue 
  • You will see the store ready confirmation message 
  • Click on “Go to your Store Dashboard” to Seller Dashboard 
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