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Local Pickup

You can set up a “Local Up” where customers can come and collect the order from your store. 

  • Log in to nepalionlinepasal.com as Seller
  • From the Seller Dashboard, go to Settings>Shipping
  • Click on “Edit” on the shipping zone where you want to add Local pickup shipping method 
  • Click on “Add Shipping Method” 
  • Select “Local Pickup” from the drop-down 
  • Click on “Add Shipping Method”
  • To edit the name, click on “Edit” button for Local pickup 
  • Edit the name as required. For example: “Pickup from my store” or “Pickup from my store (store address)”

Send email notification for order ready for collection 

Once you finish packing the order, you have to inform the customer that their order is ready for collection. Follow the following steps to send the email notification. Please make sure you have entered clear instructions for collection. 

  • Log in to your seller account 
  • Go to “Orders” from the left hand menu 
  • Then, view the order that is ready for collection 
  • Enter Customer Note and click on “Add Note”
  • Then, mark the order as completed or you can mark it as complete. 
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