Sellers must follow all tax regulations that apply to sales.

Our tax policy helps provide guidance on tax. As nepalionlinepasal can’t give tax advice, sellers should contact the relevant tax authority for more information about their tax obligation.

Our policy:

Sellers are responsible for paying any and all taxes associated with selling products through our site will suspend the seller’s account and prevent them from selling goods, if it believes that the seller is not complying and fulfilling their tax obligation or HMRC -UK has advised us that the seller is not complying with tax obligation.

Income Tax:

Sellers may have to declare and pay taxes on income earned through selling on

For more information and help in relation to income tax and other requirement relating to tax on income from business please follow the links below:

Nepal – Inland Revenue Department Nepal -Income Tax Information
UK – HMRC UK- Corporation tax Information
UK – HMRC UK- Sole Trader Information

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on the sale of goods and services in the UK and Nepal. VAT might apply to items you sell through For more information in relation to VAT threshold, registration requirement and other general information please follow the links below:

Nepal – Inland Revenue Department Nepal- VAT Information
UK – HMRC UK- VAT Information

There are special VAT requirements in UK for ‘overseas sellers’ selling goods to UK consumers. Please click the links below to check if this applies to your business:

Guidance: Overseas business selling goods in the UK

Guidance: Businesses selling goods using online marketplace in UK

Change on VAT requirement for low value consignment: With effect from 1 January 2021, there will be some change on VAT requirement for those overseas seller using Online Market Place to sell low value items to UK consumers. Please clink the link below to check how this will affect you.

Guidance: Overseas goods sold to customer in UK from 1 January 2021

Guidance: VAT rates on different goods and services

If these VAT requirement applies to you or your business then you must comply with it and inform us that you have done so within 7 days of opening the account with us.

Please be aware that we will share your information with local government authorities if required to do so by law.

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